Privacy policy


PrintPlace considers quality and safety as one of the most important values. Safety is also our priority when it concerns the privacy of our users on our website. Next to this, we want to guarantee quality and we don’t want to overwhelm our users with irrelevant information. Below, you can read about how we use your information, about requests we send you and about the use of cookies.

Storage, Security and Use of Information

PrintPlace saves your data in a secured database. In some cases we may ask you for information other than your name, your address or your e-mail address. We collect these data in order to serve you as good as possible and to be able to send you relevant information. It is, of course, fully optional to provide us with these additional data.

Obviously, it is always possible to look into and edit your data. If this is the case, or if you would have another question, you can always reach us at:


PrintPlace offers newsletters in order to update users about Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing in general and about PrintPlace in specific. Users who are registered on the newsletter also gain access to special PrintPlace promotions.

Only if you have explicitly given your permission, PrintPlace will send you newsletters with relevant promotions. At any given moment, you can opt out by clicking a link in the newsletter or by sending us a mail at

We’d love to hear if you would have any questions or comments about an article in the newsletter, an idea for a future topic or another question.


Why Does PrintPlace Write About Cookies ?

Cookies are not a new phenomenon, but all European websites have to recognize the existence and the importance of it.

What Are Cookies ?

Cookies are small files that are being placed on your computer. They communicate with a webserver about your user settings, about your login status on a website and about usage of a website. In other words, some cookies make sure that the website keeps functioning while others collect information to improve the website.

Not Accepting Cookies

It is possible to select not to save any cookies in your browser settings. By doing this, you should be informed that some parts of the website may not be functional.

This is also why we do recommend you to accept cookies from our website. They are necessary for several functions and they help us to improve the ease of use of the website.

PrintPlace’s Use Of Cookies

PrintPlace makes use of cookies that make it possible to recognize frequent visitors. This cookie will remain longer than one session. We also make use of another cookie that tells us which pages you visit during your stay on our website. This cookie will be deleted after your stay on our website. Thanks to the use of cookies, it is possible for us to identify the web traffic on our website. We use this information only to improve the ease of use of our website.

Google Analytics

PrintPlace makes use of the Google Analytics statistical application in order to analyse how our website is being used. These cookies are from a third party (Google) and communicate with Google servers in America.

You can read more about Google Analytic’s cookies here.