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The Mission of PrintPlace

You Personalise, We Realise.

PrintPlace is a Belgian start-up founded by 4 enthusiastic starters who are passionate about 3D Printing and wish to make this technology accessible to a wider audience by focusing on specific applications and this in an affordable yet qualitative way. Affordable, because we rely on the use of smaller “Desktop 3D Printers”, which can be implemented in an efficient way. Qualitative, because we do not only master the art of 3D Modeling and 3D Printing, but also provide personal guidance in the development of an object or a product, whether this is a design, a prototype, a serial production, a mass production or “mass customization”.

Why PrintPlace?

Why would you cooperate with us?

PrintPlace is not "just" any old 3D Print service. We treat every project equally. We appreciate personal communication. We anticipate and we inform. We co-create, we think along and we propose the best approach. We are problem solvers. We are the masters of customization.

The History of PrintPlace

How It All Started

A couple of years ago, during his Commercial Engineering program at the University of Brussels, Belgium, Wesly Jacobs, Co-Founder of PrintPlace, discovered Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing. Wesly became quite fascinated by the technology, which is why he decided to devote his entire Master's program to research into the technology and its applications. During his Master's program, and parallel to this research, Wesly was also granted the unique opportunity to develop a 3D Printing business plan. Under the guidance of seasoned professors and entrepreneurs, an extensive business plan was developed. Afterwards, Pieter De Backer, Dimitri Buytaert and Tim Martens joined him to further develop the research line and finances. It soon became clear that the foursome form an excellent team, so it was not much later when the company decided to establish PrintPlace.

The PrintPlace Team


Wesly Jacobs

PrintPlace Co-FounderPrintPlace Leader

Tim Martens

PrintPlace Co-FounderFinance & Administration

Pieter De Backer

PrintPlace Co-FounderR&D & Product Development

Dimitri Buytaert

PrintPlace Co-FounderR&D & Product Development